Service Level Agreements

Services provided to schools can be ordered through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is issued in the summer term.  You will find information on this page to help guide you through the booking process.  For schools with Key Stage 2 students, you have been allocated funding from the Department of Education, which is to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn an instrument in their primary school career.  The amount of funding will be detailed in the letter sent to your school immediately after the Easter holiday.

If you have any questions or need support completing your SLA, please contact the NMPAT Office: 

A summary of our services and charges for the 2023-2024 academic year can be found here:

Small group music lessons

First Access projects (KS2)

SEND provision

National Curriculum music teaching

Singing projects and vocal curriculum

KS1 instrumental projects

Music for Wellbeing

SLA resources

Terms and conditions

For full terms and conditions as well as all NMPAT policies, please visit our policies page.

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