Resources for school staff

Resources for school staff

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We teach for 33 weeks out of the academic year, with designated periods to allow for any catch up required.  

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Curriculum resources

NMPAT has commissioned resources to support schools .

Flora Sheringham compiled this wonderful resource in 2002 which was then called Little Pieces. This interesting collection brought together some musical gems with which to enhance delivery of dance within EYFS strand ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ and with progression to Dance at KS1. The pieces were chosen specifically to enable listening and responding through dance and are taken from a wide range of styles, genres and traditions.

This exciting resource has now been updated, adopting many of Flora’s insightful ideas and music choices. Dream with your Feet is now available online with detailed practitioners’ notes, offering creative ideas, not only for initiating dance and movement, but also providing cross-curricular activities to connect music and movement to the EYFS Framework and the wider KS1 curriculum.

The activities are aimed at the generalist: they are practical, concise, accessible … ‘pick up and go’ materials. The EYFS Framework and KS1 curriculum notes were written by Sue Nicholls. The dance notes were created by Karen Bailey.


  1. Teddy Bears’ Picnic (PDF 464KB)
  2. Marche Militaire (PDF 394KB)
  3. La Cumparsita (PDF 467KB)
  4. Gymnopedie (PDF 492KB)
  5. Polka (PDF 440KB)
  6. Mother Goose (PDF 371KB)
  7. When the Saints (PDF 414KB)
  8. Maple Leaf Rag (PDF 458KB)
  9. Tin Roof Blues (PDF 639KB)
  10. Can Can (PDF 473KB)
  11. Tortoise (PDF 464KB)
  12. Grasshopper (PDF 405KB)
  13. Waltz (PDF 320KB)
  14. Round Dance (PDF 502KB)


Ten Pieces Plus Primary was commissioned in 2015 and circulated free to all of the Primary Schools in Northamptonshire and Rutland. Copies of the Ten Pieces Plus Primary Resource are still available at a cost of £10 each, plus postage and packing.

Hubs wishing to purchase for all of their Primary Schools are invited to make contact to discuss a bulk purchase at a considerable reduction. Please contact

Secondary Ten Pieces Plus is a resource for Secondary Schools to help them get the most out of the BBC Ten Pieces initiative.

Commissioned by a consortium of Hubs, led by Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire, these resources have been written by Chris Hiscock, Hilary Miles, Peter Hunt and Deena Day and have been edited by Sue Nicholls.

There are ten stand-alone units, one based on each of the pieces, containing:

  • Teacher pages:
    • Context
    • Musical ingredients
    • Learning activities summary
    • KS3 music curriculum links
    • Key Learning
    • Related listening examples
    • Possible links with other subjects
    • Learning activities – teacher notes
    • Teacher resources (worksheets, scores, etc.)
  • Pupil pages (worksheets, etc.)
  • Additional MP3 files as appropriate

The resources have been reproduced on a single DVD and copies will be circulated to all Northamptonshire and Rutland Secondary Schools as part of our strategy to support curriculum Music at KS3.

You can get an idea of the scope of the resources from these sample pages:

Colleagues from other Hubs and individuals are welcome to purchase copies at £12 each plus a small charge for postage and packing. If you would like to order, please contact

An NMEH resource for secondary teachers that includes:

Online music resources for primary aged children

The following list of online activities and resources has been compiled by NMPAT primary classroom teachers. The list aims to support both staff working informally in schools and parents working with their children at home, signposting both resources and engaging activities that encourage participation and musical thinking.


San Francisco Symphony Orchestra:

SFSKids includes: a fun and playful series of educational modules presented as immersive environments and using animal avatars as guides; the ability to explore various linkages between composers, instruments and music compositions; interactive online tutorials to learn about music basics; the opportunity for users to compose and notate their own original music; and much more.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra:

The site features games, listen and learn, and various teacher resources, from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

New York Philharmonic Orchestra:

Great graphics and fun games (like the clarinet scavenger hunt) make this New York Philharmonic website great, especially for instrumental students.

London Symphony Orchestra

A video performance of Ravel’s Bolero in which the listener can experience the orchestra from multiple points of view.

Ten Pieces:

Ten Pieces resources bursting with ideas for how to get children to engage and be creative with classical music

Ten Pieces and the Nutcracker – live lesson:

An online lesson introducing children to The Nutcracker. A lesson full of dance and movement, aimed at 7 – 11 year olds.

Ten Pieces Party Live Session:

An online lesson in which children learn about rhythm, melody and dynamics, the building blocks of musical composition in a lesson aimed at 7 – 11 year olds 

Classical Music for Early Years / KS1 – Ten Pieces:

Ten Pieces resources bursting with ideas for how to get Early Years / KS1 chidren to engage and be creative with classical music

House of sound:–science-ks2-house-of-sound/zncr7nb

A series of short films exploring the science of sound, music and musical instruments

Nursery rhymes:

Great versions on old classic nursery rhymes for younger learners (Reception/year 1)

Out of the Ark:

Seven free songs for children to sing on their own or together, one for each day of the week

Sing Up home-schooling:

Free songs for different ages to sing along at home

The Learning Station:

Songs & action songs for children to sing along to

Debbie Doo TV: 

For young kids.  Bright videos and upbeat, action songs combining music with PE sessions

Visual Musical Minds: 

Some good resources on his page especially the rhythm exercises. 

Music with Lindsey:     

Youtube link to sing along for early years,  it also includes some interactive percussion work.

Music Express Magazine KS1& Early Years: 

The music show video lessons 1 – 6 are good for KS1 and Early Years.

Music Express Magazine KS2.  (

The music show video lessons aimed at KS2

Beethoven for Kids (250 years of Beethoven::

Selected repertoire selected to introduce children to the music of Beethoven

Body Percussion:

A great series of videos for children to create body percussion rhythms and movements.

Learning the ukulele


This is a great program for learning and playing along on your ukulele. Start with the chords C F G Am. Then play with videos. Songs include I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. How to play reggae rhythms with Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds and so much more. These music videos start at really easy and progress from there.

Top Marks:

On this site children can create a sound picture and solve musical mysteries

Classics for kids:

Games include: Learning musical terms, play note names, match the rhythm, compose your own music, open instruments in an orchestra, explore composer timeline and explore the composer map.

Opera Maker:

An interactive program where children can make their own opera. May need to be downloaded.

Go classical for kids:

Children can direct their own opera in this program.

The music interactive:

Some free apps on this site including playing the recorder interactive and set up for a white board. and Star Wars, exploring music notation.

Music Tech Teacher:

Quizzes and games for a little light hearted relief!

Sound Picture:  Composing using a visual stimulus, based on the Carnival of the Animals with teachers notes and group work.

Primary Resources:  

A few one off lessons and mini activities on this site.

Musicians Union:  

Some simple glock songs using sol-fa.

Great Home British Chorus:

Gareth Malone is running a live Great Home British Chorus sing along, each night at 5:30pm.  Sign up at  You will be sent downloads for the song ‘You are my sunshine’.  Suitable for kids as well as adults. 

The following are a series of links to highly recommended music resources suitable for home learning which have been produced and shared by Leicestershire Music Hub.


"All children should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument"

Additional resources

The Arts Festival is presented by 4 learning associations with support form NMPAT.

A wonderful opportunity to perform on stage at The Derngate, Northampton in front of an audience. The dates for the Festival 2020 are Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th June 

Applications are now closed for 2020, queries can be sent to Anna Carter at

NMPAT continues to be a premier partner of Charanga and are able to offer all Northamptonshire and Rutland schools access to Charanga’s award-winning Musical School programme. 

Musical School is a living cloud-based resource that brings together great music, modern pedagogy and the latest educational technology. It supports all aspects of music in school including the new music curriculum, as well as providing children and their families with opportunities to continue learning and exploring music at home through Music World.

Musical School is available through NMPAT at a discounted rate of £195 per year. You can sign up for a 30 day trial period before ordering.

Composition competitions

Our current composition project is {insert}. You can also find all of our previous composition competitions and their resources.

CPD training courses

We deliver these courses to cover every key stage and part of the national curriculum. Also includes the Certificate for Music Educators.

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