About Regional music and performing arts centres

​What can you do at a Regional Arts Centre?

If you enjoy music, drama or dance, Regional music and performing arts centres are the place to be. We have everything from recorders to pop and jazz bands, choirs and orchestras, drama and dance - something for everyone.

​When are the centres open?

Our centres are open most weeks during term time - please check out the current list of dates below:

Everyone is welcome to come and look around on any week that the centres are open for a free 'taster' session . If you are currently learning to play an instrument, please bring it along with you. To compare what each centre offers at a glance, please take a look at the Activities Planner below:

How much does it cost?

Please see the fees and subscriptions page for details of how much, when and how to pay.

Help us reduce costs by paying online through the Parent Pay shop and please consider Gift Aiding your membership subscription so that we can avoid raising subscription rates more than necessary.

If you are entitled to receive free school meals (not including universal provision for KS1 students) are on Income Support or Income-Based Job Seeker's allowance, we may be able to offer help towards some of the fees through our Fees Assistance Scheme. Contact us for more details.

Contact details and information about your child

To help the smooth running of the centre and ensure the safety of your child, please complete and return a copy of this document to your centre head:

Other important information

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all centre members, we ask those who attend to abide by our code of conduct and be aware of our child protection and photographs policies: