Photograph and publicity policy

Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust occasionally uses photographs of county groups, centre activities and individual performers for displays, general publicity and on the Trust's website and Facebook pages.

Extract from NMPAT Privacy Policy:

Photographs and Video Recording as part of NMPAT’s activities, we will take photographs and record images of county groups, centre groups, centre activities and individual performers. Such material will be used solely by NMPAT, for example, for publicity purposes, such as prospectuses and other similar information about the Trust; for display in our buildings, on banners at concerts, on our website and for social media purposes; for assessment and educational purposes; and for fundraising or other purposes to help achieve the Trust’s aims.

For music groups entering the National Festival, run by our partners Music for Youth, and for other national festivals and competitions, photographic data may be collected and used in the same way.

When using photographs and videos for publicity, display or website purposes, we will not accompany them with any other personal information about the child, to ensure they cannot be identified. Although we will carefully use images on the basis of our ‘legitimate interests’ (see above), we understand there may be occasions where music service users provide good reason why we should withdraw certain images.

If you ask us to withdraw an image of your child with good cause, we will delete the photograph or video and not distribute it further. Images that might cause embarrassment or distress will not be used. We will only use images of pupils who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately.

If you do not wish photographs of your child to be used as described, you can indicate this via the secure web-link sent with County audition results or by contacting us.