Concert tours

For more than 40 years, the young people of Northamptonshire have travelled beyond the County borders to share their music making with audiences across Britain and Europe. Below is a complete list of tours undertaken by NMPAT groups. 

​2018Kromeriz, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia CYO CYCh
​2017Umbria, Romagna, Italy​CYCB CYBB
​2016​Burgos, Salamanca, Northern Spain​CYO CYCh
​2015​Plzen, Prague and Kromeriz, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia​CYCB CYBB
2013Burgos and Viadolid, Northern SpainCYCB CYBB
2012Northern ItalyCYO
2012South WalesCYBigB
2011Berlin and Leipzig, GermanyCYCB CYBB
2010Lleida, Spain and AndorraCYO
2010Neerpelt International Festival, BelgiumCYCh
2009Budapest, HungaryCYCB CYBB
2009Neerpelt International Festival, BelgiumSinf.
2008Salamanca and Burgos, SpainCYO
2008Plzen, Czech RepublicCYBigB
2007Wroclaw, Przemysl and Warsaw, PolandCYCB CYBB
2006Burgos & Valencia, Spain CYO CSGCh
2005Lake Garda, ItalyCYCB CYBB
2005Neerpelt International Festival, BelgiumCYO
2004Zakopane and Krakow, PolandCYO CYCh
2004Neerpelt International Festival, BelgiumCYCh
2003Vienna, and Altenmakt, AustriaCYCB CYBB
2002Salzburg, AustriaCYCh CGCh
2002Tuscany, ItalyCYO
2001Poitiers, FranceCSGCh
2001Zakopane and Krakow, PolandCYCB CYBB
1999Noordwijk, HollandCYCB CYBB
1999Poitiers, FranceCSGCh
1998Montabaur, GermanyCYO
1998Montreux International Festival, SwitzerlandCYCh
1997Rhineland, GermanyCYCB
1997Poitiers, FranceCSGCh
1996Krakow, PolandCYO
1996Riva del Garda, ItalyCYCh
1995Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic CYCB
1994Minsk, BelarusCYO
1993Normandy, FranceCYBB
1993Reims, FranceCYCB
1992Niort, FranceCYBigB
1991Lake Constance, Germany and Graz, AustriaCYCB CYCB
1990Czechoslovakia and GermanyCYO
1989Strassbourg, France and Lido di Jessolo ItalyCYCB CYBB
1987Cahors, FranceCYCB CYBB
1986Pamplona, Oveida, Seville and Cordoba, SpainCYO
1985Zurich, Switzerland and LuxembourgCYCB CYBB
1984Caen and Pleine-Fourgeres, FranceCYO
1983YugoslaviaCYCB CYBB
1983Neerpelt International Festival, BelgiumCYO
1982Vienna, AustriaCYO
1981Koblenz, Germany and Vienna, AustriaCYCB CYBB
1980Nuremburg, GermanyCYO
1979Moss and Bergen, NorwayCYBB
1978Koblenz, GermanyCYO
1977Poitiers, FranceCYBB
1976America and CanadaCYBB
1973Koblenz, GermanyCYBB
1970Kendal and EdinburghCYBB