Child protection policy

​The Music and Performing Arts Trust is committed to and maintains a policy for child protection.

Staff are primarily involved in teaching and enabling young people to develop their artistic skills, however they also have a duty to keep them safe. It is therefore in the interest of all parties to keep clear, professional boundaries. Staff will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Any disclosure of physical or sexual abuse from a young person will be reported to a line manager or the Chief Executive on the day that it is made; likewise of difficult home issues.
  • Staff will never promise to keep anything that they may be told a secret – it is their duty to pass it on.
  • Staff will avoid physical contact with students.
  • If a young person behaves in a slightly unusual or possibly inappropriate way, this will always be mentioned to a line manager or the Chief Executive.
  • Direct communication from NMPAT will always be to the parents of students aged under 18. Where emails, text messages or social media contact is made with students, these are always duplicates of parents' messages.
  • No member of staff or helper will give out their telephone number to a young person to make contact outside working hours.

Designated Safeguarding Leads

The following staff can be contacted about any matters relating to child protection and safeguarding. Anyone with a concern about a child can contact one of these people for a confidential discussion regarding their safety.

Children and young people wishing to speak to an adult will naturally speak to whichever adult they feel most comfortable with. If a disclosure is made to a member of staff it will be passed to one of these people for further advice:

Senior Designated Professionals - SDP

Heads of Department and Programme

Centre Heads