Service Level Agreements with Schools

​SLAs are distributed to schools in the summer terms to book projects for the following academic year. These give details of projects available and funding allocated to schools from the National Music Grant.

What is available to your school in the current year?

Projects are delivered by visiting specialist teachers working in equal partnership with one of your staff. It is a vital component of the package that the school is fully involved in the delivery of these activities.

Core projects

Schools are offered a certain level of discount proportional to their size. They can use this to deliver the Recorder Strategy and Vocal Strategy, or deliver these themselves and use the discount for other projects and services.

By accessing the allocated discount, schools are undertaking to ensure that their students are benefitting from the Vocal Strategy and Recorder Strategy. If they decide to deliver these themselves and use the discount on other services, they undertake to report data for the ACE data return and accept a monitoring visit to ensure quality.

The vocal strategy – let’s sing

A let’s sing project consists of 5 or 6 visits to a school by a vocal development specialist, to support singing in the classroom. Each visit will consist of at least 45 mins of delivery to a class of up to 30.

We can also support singing in assembilies and school choirs. The appropriate project for your school will depend on your existing strengths. Projects can be purchased at a cost of £200 per five visit project, or £240 for 6 visits.

Countywide recorder strategy – let’s play recorder

The descant recorder is the First Access instrument of choice of the Rutland Music Hub. RMH is committed to ensuring that every child in the county will have practical experience of instrumental music through the medium of the descant recorder during their school career (preferably in Y3).

A Let’s Play Recorder project consists of a 10 week project designed so that an entire year group can access this experience. Each visit will consist of at least 45 mins delivery.

Projects cost £400per 10 week project.

Other projects

Phonics and Singing projects

Introduced in 2015 to support cross curricular work at KS1 and Foundation stage, each school is offered a free 5 week Phonics and Singing workshop to complement phonics teaching and help boost children's attainment. Each session lasts for 30 mins.

Schools can book additional projects at a cost of £180, or £100 if delivered at the same time as another project in school.

Let’s play drums

Projects will last for a day or ½ day and be designed for classes or multiple classes leading up to a performance for the school.

One of two practitioners will lead your children in:

  • African Drumming
  • Samba Drumming

Projects at a cost of £250 per day to include loan of equipment and transportation.

Orchestral instrument first access projects

Rutland Music is committed to expanding the range of opportunities available and would be interested in talking to schools who would like to broaden the offer to their children beyond the initial recorder projects.

Projects might be on any orchestral instrument for a whole class, but particularly strings or brass, delivered by two members of staff for an hour per week. The staff could be two visiting specialists or a visiting specialist working in partnership with your own teacher, where they have the relevant skills to take an equal part in the delivery.

Cost for 10 week project with one member of staff supporting your own specialists taking an equal share of the delivery £525 per project.

Cost for 10 week project with two visiting specialists £950 per project.

Instruments for this type of project are limited but we are happy to have a conversation with anyone who would like to see if this is a possibility for their school.

Sample Service Level Agreement

This is a sample of the Service Level Agreement sent to Rutland Primary Schools.

Pgs 1-4 Guidance notes, pgs 5-8 SLA

Further information

Further projects can be booked in consultation with Alison Macfarlane