OfSTED report: What Hubs Must Do

The Ofsted report published in November 2013, entitled What Hubs Must Do opens with the statement:


"Music Hubs ... can challenge and support school leaders to bring the numerous benefits of a good music education to all pupils"

It goes on to say that music is not taught well in all schools and that Hubs have a part to play in bringing about improvements in this area.

There are some challenging recommendations.

The Report

You can read the full report and its recommendations here:

The Northamptonshire response

NMPAT, the Northamptonshire Music Education Hub and Rutland Music are committed to the highest possible standards of music education. With over 20,000 children and young people playing a musical instruments in Northamptonshire last year and 6,000 experiencing a First Access project, the Hub partners can be justly proud of the range and breadth of their achievements.

However all the partners of NMEH and Rutland Music Hub have a responsibility to take this report seriously to see what we can do to improve on Ofsted's perception of our subject in schools. You can read our open letter to schools here:

Music Mark's response

See Music Mark, The UK Association for Music Education's comments.


Ofsted has clearly produced an important report for Hub Leaders, a report which has significant implications for the future work of music education hubs. Most importantly this report urges hubs to completely reframe the nature of their work with schools and school leadership teams.

The relationship between Hub Leaders and schools is a pivotal one, but it is also a potentially complex one. A breach in this relationship could put in jeopardy children's access to the excellent music education resources provided by the hub. We are all committed to making the vision of the National Plan a reality, however we must take time... to consider the most effective response to Ofsted's challenge to lead improvements in schools on a major scale.

Read the full Music Mark Response here: