Musical Inclusion Programme

Projects and initiatives dedicated to helping disadvantaged children and young people access music in all its many different forms.

Two children using a musical instrument​​​​

Our musical inclusion activities focus on providing access for those living in the most challenging of circumstances and who, consequently, may not have the same opportunities as others to take part in high quality music activity.

The young people we work with include:

  • Looked after children (i.e. in foster care)
  • Young carers
  • Those suffering from mental ill-health or with emotional / behavioural problems
  • Those with special educational needs including physical and mental/learning disabilities and communication disorders (e.g. autism, ADHD, etc.)
  • Visually impaired and deaf children
  • Those attending pupil referral units
  • NEET (Not in employment, education or training) groups.

Projects are often undertaken in partnership with a third sector agency, local authority service provider, special schools, DSP units, institutions offering alternative educational provision or private sector organisation who work with specific groups of disadvantaged children and young people daily. The type of activities we deliver are shaped by the views of the young people taking part.  

Industrious is a new 3-year project building on the achievements of Music Forge.

The aim is to develop a sustainable musical infrastructure across Northamptonshire and Rutland, reflective of the music industry in the C21st, dedicated to nurturing the musical and creative talents of children and young people in challenging circumstances (CYPCC), with musically inclusive practice and diversity embedded at its core.

INDUSTRIOUS consists of the following key initiatives:

  • "Music Production Teams" and "Open Gigs" together will:

    • Provide regular sessions for CYPCC to create, produce and record their own music in a studio production environment

    • Create opportunities for young people to showcase their achievements either through live performance or, where possible, online (e.g. recordings uploaded to Soundcloud/YouTube). 

    • recognise achievement through access to accreditation

  • "Progression Routes" supports individuals to take up one to one lessons and opportunities elsewhere in NMPAT and the wider Hub.

  • "New Partnership Work" expands our collaborations with organisations across the East Midlands to enable more CYPCC access to our work.

  • "Modern Musician" builds our expertise across modern styles/genres, providing music leaders, emerging young talent, and project participants with access to industry specialists, training and mentoring opportunities.

INDUSTRIOUS is integral to the evolution of our new Musical Inclusion Strategy and provides the foundations for embedding musically inclusive practice across the Hub.

For further details about this area of work please contact Simon Steptoe, Musical Inclusion Programme and Partnership Manager on: or through the main office on or 01604 637117.

Recent examples of projects we have delivered can be found on our projects page.

 Organisations supporting the programme for 2018/2019 academic year:


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