Northamptonshire Music Education Hub

The Northamptonshire Music Education Hub (NMEH) is a partnership of organisations committed to delivering the aims of the National Plan for Music Education for the children and young people of Northamptonshire.

As lead partner of the NMEH, NMPAT will work with its partners to deliver the promises of the government's national plan.Northamptonshire Music Education Hub logo

The hub will offer a way for every organisation supporting music education in the counties to be directly involved and to network with the whole community.

Partner organisations are committed to working together to support the goals and aims of the Hub and the National Plan, for the benefit of the children, young people and communities of Northamptonshire.

NMPAT is also the lead partner for the Music Education Hub in Rutland, Rutland Music.

The partner organisations

  • have expressed a commitment to supporting the mission and goals of the Hub and to enhancing music and music education for early years, 5 to 18 year olds and adults.
  • will provide services that are complementary to the services provided by other partners in the hub
  • will work together to enhance opportunities for children and young people and to support the opportunities that individual organisations are providing
  • will not pay to be part of the hub but contribute in-kind support (there is no expectation that partners will receive direct funding from the hub)
  • may be commissioned if they are required to fulfil the core and extension roles and complement the other services available

Applications to become a partner in the Northamptonshire Music Education Hub are invited if you believe your organisation can play a central role in the hub that is complementary to the other partners. Please contact the Trust office for further information. Partner applications will be considered by the trustees of NMPAT for approval.

See how the partnerships fit into the hub structure:


Funding for the Music Education Hub comes from central government through Arts Council England focused on the core roles of the national plan. For a full list of our funders that helps to support this work, please visit the Our funders page.

Goals of Northamptonshire Music Education Hub

The Northamptonshire Music Education Hub (NMEH) exists to deliver the promises of the National Plan for Music Education for the children and young people of Northamptonshire by aspiring to:

  • provide high quality music education and support for children and young people in the diverse Northamptonshire community
  • inspire all children and young people to sing and play a musical instrument, developing their talent through progressive pathways
  • promote high achievement through diverse partnerships
  • transform lives through music
  • provide opportunities for musical excellence to flourish
  • reach all sectors of children and young people, including the hard to reach and those in challenging circumstances, inspiring and enriching their lives through music
  • reflect the musical diversity of Northamptonshire’s community through engagement with highly skilled partners and experienced partners
  • build sustainable pathways to nurture musical talent
  • promote innovation, creativity and achievement in music and the arts