Charges for NMPAT activities, payment dates and how to pay.

September 2018 to July 2019 fees

​Fees and subscriptions for the academic year September 2018 to July 2019​Per payment period
​Membership of one auditioned County Group ​£85
Membership of more than one County Group*​£105
​Membership of a Regional Music & Performing Arts Centre£80
​Membership of a Regional Music & Performing Arts Centre (one session only)£55​
​Membership of NMPAT Youth Theatre, NMPAT Rock, Group Drama, a Small Group (string quartets etc.), Composition or Music Foundation​£80
​Individual Tuition**​£195
​Early Years music at Kettering Road Arts Centre (Babies to Pre-School)​£55
​Membership of Y-Not Regional Centre​£40
​Second Centre Rate - Regional Centre subscription for students who are also a member of a County Group
​Second Centre Rate - for students who are a member of an auditioned county group who also attend a Rock School, Composition or  Jazz Matters​£40

* Membership of more than one county ensemble is charged at a higher rate to support the work of the Trust. Families who are not in a position to support us in this way may opt to pay the lower rate.

** Fee relates to a set of 10 lessons of 30 minutes in duration delivered per payment period.

Remission of fees

If you are entitled to receive free school meals (not including universal provision for KS1 students), are on Income Support or Income Based Job Seeker's allowance, we may be able to offer help towards some of the fees through our Fees Assistance Scheme. Contact us for more details.

Gift Aid

Help us to increase our income by agreeing to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your membership subscriptions. If you feel you can support us in this way, please download, complete and return this form to the NMPAT office.

When to pay

Please note that we do not issue routine invoices. Fees and subscriptions are due at the first lesson or rehearsal at the beginning of each payment period.

Late payment of fees and subscriptions will carry a £10 administration charge.

Any subsequent follow up reminders sent to you will be treated as an invoice and incur an additional administration charge of £10.

 Payment period Date
 Academic year September to July
 Period 1 September to December
 Period 2 January to March
 Period 3 April to July

How to pay

To help reduce costs, our preferred method of payment is online through ParentPay.

We are also able to accept the following payments:

  • Credit or debit card - for payments over £10 only.
  • Cheque - made payable to NMPAT please.
  • Cash - please do not post cash and ensure you obtain a receipt.
  • Standing order - for annual fees over £300, paid over 9 months (applications must be received by the last day of September and will incur an administration fee of £15 for set up and each subsequent change). For standing order applications, please contact the NMPAT office.