Gift Aid

As a registered charity NMPAT is able to benefit from Gift Aid on subscriptions for County Ensembles and Regional Centres. For parents agreeing to this, we can reclaim Gift Aid relief on subscriptions for County Group and Regional Centre membership.

In order to access this additional source of funding we need a signed declaration form each parent who is prepared to support us in this way. We will have asked you to do this at the time of registration in September, but if you did not sign a form at that time, we invite you to complete a form at any time and return it to the Music Trust Office. Please note that the person signing the Gift Aid declaration needs to be the person who makes the payments for the subscriptions.

If at any time you cease to be a UK Taxpayer, change your name or address, or no longer wish to participate in the scheme, please contact the Trust Office.

Download a Gift Aid declaration form here