For the last 15 years, the second Sunday of Octuba has had a resonance to it that is unrivalled at any other time in the year. A large group of tuba enthusiasts have gathered at NMPAT to celebrate all things tuba and to raise money for Save the Children.

This year, it is going to look different… If you would like to be part of the fundraising and fun-raising event that is Octubafest, here’s how:

  • Follow this link to access all the parts for Handel’s greatest tuba ensemble, Arrival of the Queen of Tuba
    • Some of the parts are REALLY hard, and some of them are more friendly.  Choose one you like the look of, and if you want to just play half the notes, that’s fine too!
  • Google ‘soundtrap’ (it’s an app) and create an education account using a parent email address (the app will ask you to confirm the email address) and this code 7FQ7DU7. It will be a free temporary account that will expire after c. 25 days
  • In a new window follow this link and it will open up a Soundtrap assignment with a click track and a computerised version of the track
    • Record your part right alongside that, then save it
  • If you like, you can send me a pic of you and your instrument so I can add you to the slide show that will go along with the recording. I’ll put it on the Octubafest UK Facebook page and the NMPAT Facebook page when I’m done.#

Every year, we do this to raise money for Save the Children.  If you feel able to donate to them the link to our just giving page is here:


11 Oct 2020

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