Will's Story

"MWill in county brass bandy first contact with NMPAT was through Early Years music at Towcester centre in around 2001, but the trust's biggest impact on me was during my time in the county brass groups at Kettering Road, starting in 2009. At this stage I was very academic at school, but didn't have many friends and was always very shy. I would certainly never have considered myself a musician, although I enjoyed playing.

"Five years in county groups gave me a huge confidence boost, and has allowed me to make some of the best friends anyone could wish for. Socially I could never thank NMPAT enough. Perhaps more importantly though, NMPAT completely changed the course of my life. As a big part of my university applications, it definitely helped me get into a better university than I otherwise would have, and a year later I actually changed my degree and am now studying for a career as a musician, and already have some work as a professional conductor. Without the inspiration of NMPAT I guarantee none of this could have happened."

Will conducting Southampton University Brass Band, 2017 Will conducting Southampton University Brass Band, 2017