Kerry's Story

"Kerry with her clarinet at University, 2014I had no confidence and was often in trouble at school for anger management problems. I always thought I was stupid and would never get anywhere in life because I was never good at anything. I was diagnosed with depression at a young age and I am also severely light sensitive as well as having dyslexia.

"Being able to turn up to my trombone and Clarinet lessons allowed me to get my anger out in a constructive way. I grew in confidence with music and saw that I could maybe be good at something. I ended up getting my grade 8 trombone, grade 6 Clarinet and a music degree (2:1). It gave me the confidence to teach for a few years and to try and get somewhere in life.

"The confidence you get from playing an instrument is amazing. Having the support of a great teacher and a range of ensembles to join is a great way to grow in confidence and enjoy yourself."