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SoundStart bands

The SoundStart Band is a First Access project delivered through the medium of a wind band or brass band. These projects have always been delivered over a full year to allow the players an opportunity to develop their instrumental and ensemble skills.

What do people say about SoundStart?


"The behaviour, concentration and attendance of the whole year group improved during the year of the SoundStart project"

"It was so good to see the whole class engaged in a performance with each and every child contributing equally"

What instruments are involved?

The SoundStart Wind Band is made up of Bb instruments:

  • trumpets
  • clarinets
  • baritone
  • trombones

The SoundStart Brass Band may be trumpets, baritones and trombones or may be:

  • cornets
  • tenor horns
  • baritones
  • trombones
  • basses

What will the students learn to do?

Besides learning to play their instruments the students will do lots of singing, listening, improvisation, pitch, and rhythm work to enhance their musical understanding.

They will learn to work together as a team supporting each other when playing together and listening to one other.

They will learn performance and presentation skills.

The SoundStart project contains elements of listening, composing and appraising and can be used to deliver National Curriculum Music for your chosen year group.

What does it cost?

Because the project lasts for a year it is three times as expensive as a normal First Access project. For £2775 we will supply all the instruments and two staff who will work with your class on at least 30 occasions during the year and deliver at least two concerts for the rest of the school and parents.

An option to consider

If one of your staff is a woodwind or brass specialist who could work as an equal partner in the delivery of this project, the cost could be reduced to £1600.

Alternatively, for another way to reduce costs: if you have two classes in the year group, we could run the project twice swapping between classes at February half-term.

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