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First Access options and costs

What projects are available?

Projects available
Let’s Play StringsViolins and Cellos, designed for years 3 to 4.
Let’s Play GuitarWhole class Guitars, designed for years 4 to 6.
Let’s Play UkuleleWhole class Ukulele project, designed for years 3 to 6.
Let’s Play SambaThis percussion band project is suitable for years 4 to 6 (due to the physical demands this is really not suitable for younger pupils).
Let’s Play African DrumsThis percussion project is suitable for years 5 and 6 (due to the physical demands this is really not suitable for younger pupils).
Recorder RevolutionRediscovering the Recorder. Suitable for years 3 to 4.
Let’s Play BrassA selection of Bb brass instruments suitable for years 4 to 6
Let’s Play ClarinetWhole class Clarinet project for years 4 to 6
SoundStart BandA whole year class Band project best suited for for year 5 - see further details below


The SoundStart Band is a whole year project to allow the students to make suitable progress on their instruments and as an ensemble.

Project costs

The costs of the various options available to schools to meet the aspirations of the National Music Plan:

Option 1Two NMPAT staff working in your school for a 10 week term project with one class  providing all instruments and resources£975 per class
Option 2One of our staff working as an equal partner with your own specialist for a 10 week project with one class, providing all instruments and resources.£550 per class
Option 3Your own specialists delivering the National Music Plan to your studentsNil cost
SoundStartSoundStart Band. Two staff working in your school for the whole year.£2750 per class

If choosing Option 3, a school will need to work with NMPAT to show how they are delivering a First Access programme for their students if they are to access the funding for progression projects.

How to request a project

Projects can be requested as part of the annual Service Level Agreement distributed to schools immediately following the Easter Holiday. To allow us to plan, this needs to be returned to NMPAT before the half term break.

What happens next?

We will contact you before the end of the year to let you know which project you will be receiving in which term.

Terms and Conditions

​Other than in exceptional circumstances, scheduled projects cannot be rearranged and a cancelled project will attract full payment.

​First Access projects are delivered across a 10 week term which will usually include a performance in the final week of the project.

​Once a project has been agreed, the cost of the project will offset against the discount figure for the school. Any additional charge will be invoiced in the term of the project. Any residual discount will be spread equally across the remaining chargeable periods against other services.

​Invoices for projects and other teaching will be sent to schools by the third week of a chargeable period (11 weeks) to be paid by the sixth week. If amendments or adjustments are notified by the sixth week a new invoice may be issued, if requested by the school. Any alterations beyond this point will be treated as an adjustment to the subsequent invoice. The Trust reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of £50 or 2% of the invoice amount (whichever higher) if there is late payment. 

Where schools are unable to accept a project visit because of unavoidable closures (e.g. training days, school visits etc), every effort will be made to provide an additional visit, but this is not always possible within an academic term.

​By accepting a project or discount the school agrees to share data necessary for NMPAT to report to Arts Council England.

​In cases of dispute schools should make direct contact with the Trust’s Chief Executive.

General expectations

Schools can expect their instrumental teachers to be willing to:

  • Have a coherent scheme of work for the project
  • Plan sessions with shared deliverers
  • Discuss progress with schools and teachers
  • Support schools with concerts as far as possible

For the projects to be effective it is hoped schools will ensure that there is a designated person who can:

  • Offer a direct line of communication with the project teacher(s) and make them feel valued as members of staff in the school
  • Ensure the project teacher(s) is aware of relevant dates in the school calendar, e.g. INSET days, school trips, concerts,
  • Provide the project teacher(s) with all relevant medical and social information about pupils being taught and Health and Safety information relating to your site
  • Ensure there is an appropriate space for the project to take place
  • Liaise over the administration of an end of project assembly or concert.



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