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Recital teams

The Music and Performing Arts Trust have always operated a number of Recital Teams offering a Live Music experience in schools around the County.

Three of the teams:

  • Brass Recital Team
  • String Recital Team
  • Wind Recital Team

... operate mainly in Primary Schools as part of the First Access programme, ensuring that all children get a live music experience during their primary phase at least once, but probably more often.

Visits are offered to schools free on a rota basis by the NMPAT office and a school could reasonably expect to receive a visit at least once every two years. The office will contact schools when an opportunity arises.

Schools are welcome to make a request for a visit, but should note that these will still be offered on an equitable rota basis.

The New Beats group operates mainly in Secondary Schools and is Rock and Pop composition project across a number of weeks, with a built in live music experience. Schools are invited to contact the NMPAT office for further information.

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