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Recent letters to music groups

​This page contains letters to county music groups for the current academic year including information regarding concerts, rehearsals and activities. Please check it re​​​gularly to keep up to date with information: New letters to be published soon.

Date​County GroupLetter subject
​February 2018
​County Training Strings
Concert and rehearsal information for Highly Strung Sunday 25 February at Spinney Theatre, Northampton (PDF 220KB)
​February 2018
​County Junior Orchestra
Concert and rehearsal information for Orchestra Spectacular Sunday 11 March at Derngate, Northampton (PDF 181KB)
​February 2018
​County Training Orchestra
​Concert and rehearsal information for Orchestra Spectacular Sunday 11 March at Derngate, Northampton (PDF 195KB)
​February 2018
​County Youth Orchestra
Concert and rehearsal information for the concerts in March (PDF 236KB)
​February 2018
​County Youth Choir, Orchestra & Brass Band
Coaches to Peterborough - information and booking form for 'Nene' performance on 17 March (PDF 394KB)
​February 2018
​County Youth Choir
Concert information regarding the four CYCH concerts in March (PDF 216KB)
​January 2018
​County String Sinfonia
Information about the concert on 25 February 2018 (PDF 186KB)
​January 2018
​County Junior Strings
Information about performances during the Spring Term 2018 (PDF 79KB)
​January 2018
County Jazz 2​Information about the Big Band Night on 3 February 2018 and Music for Youth regional on 10 March 2018 (PDF 191KB)
​January 2018
​County Big Band
Information about the Big Band Night on 3 February 2018 (PDF 234KB)
​January 2018
​County Jazz 3
Information about the Big Band Night on 3 February 2018 (PDF 236KB)
​January 2018
​SinfoniaInformation about concerts in the Spring and Summer terms 2018 (PDF 197KB)
​January 2018
​Zingaresque and Jnr Zingaresque
Information about performance on 3 February at The Deco, Northampton (PDF 425KB)
​January 2018
​GuitarlacticaInformation about Music for Youth regional 25 March 2018 (PDF 208KB)
​January 2018
​County Junior Strings
Spring Term concerts and events (PDF 30KB)
​December 2017​County Jazz 2
Information about the final rehearsal this term and concerts and events for next term (PDF 242KB)
​October 2017​County Youth Brass BandWelcome letter (PDF 232KB)
​October 2017​Both Zingaresque groupsConcert diary 2017 to 2018 (PDF 201KB)
​September 2017County Junior Strings​Tuck shop helpers (PDF 261KB)
​September 2017​County Training Choir
Welcome letter (PDF 464KB)
​September 2017​County Junior Choir
Welcome letter (PDF 355KB)
​September 2017​County Youth ChoirWelcome letter (PDF 368KB)
​September 2017​Broadway Belles
Welcome letter (PDF 364KB)
​September 2017​County Senior Girls Choir
Welcome letter (PDF 227KB)
​September 2017​County Jazz 2
Welcome letter (PDF 248KB)
​September 2017​NYPE Welcome letter (PDF 199KB)​
​September 2017County Training Wind Orchestra​Welcome letter (PDF 215KB)
​September 2017​County Youth Big Band ​Welcome letter (PDF 320KB)
​September 2017​County Junior Brass Ensemble ​Welcome letter (PDF 201KB)
​September 2017​County DectetWelcome letter (PDF 178KB)
​September 2017​Sinfonia ​Welcome letter (PDF 400KB)
​September 2017​County Training Brass Band ​Welcome letter (PDF 192KB)
​September 2017​GuitarlacticaWelcome letter (PDF 341KB)
​September 2017​County Junior Wind OrchestraWelcome letter (PDF 199KB)
​August 2017​County Clarinet ChoirWelcome letter (PDF 394KB)
​August 2017​County Junior Orchestra ​Welcome letter (PDF 340KB)
​August 2017​County Youth OrchestraWelcome letter (PDF 692KB)
​August 2017​County Junior StringsWelcome letter (PDF 361KB)
​August 2017County Training Orchestra Welcome letter (PDF 228KB)
​August 2017County Training Strings Welcome letter (PDF 228KB)
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